01 Jul 2010

Butters will talk to cotton either this friday, or next week.

MAME: Heat gun is working well stripping paint, but we need to work more often on mame. Drc has made some progress on led buttons for the mame, horray colors! Talk about cool future projects to build into the led, like progress lights, etc.

PLAN tourneys: L4D2, CS:S.
*Talk about a pool of 1v1 games and each person in the bracket would play a different random game. Smaller prize, based on what we get from sponsors. Also will be contingent on MAME status.
*Talk about doing a console game [tournament]. Decided no.
*Check the wave for sponsership status.

We need to start keeping tabs at a more reasonable level.

Idea to create cronjob/something to remind members that their account is expiring soon. Also, we need to collect alternative emails from members. This will be used since many people do not check yakko mail.