05 Aug 2010

72HoursRemain have contacted us to see if we could advertise for them at our next PLAN: http://www.72hoursremain.com/
*They play video games for 72 straight hours to raise money for ChildsPlay chairty. Raised over 1K last year.

Consult the wave for information on what we are trying to sell. Currently discussing the state of the items again. (ie missing a fan). We’d like to determine what price to sell.

Sold some stuff ($200 worth!) to Richard, he will be coming next thursday to pick it up!
3x - empty P4 case - $20 a piece
3x - working P4 - $40 a piece
1x - 2U case - $30
1x - 1U case - $5
1x - 1U P4 (no ram!) - $5

*Matt from burnedin.com is going to sponsor plan. He’s going to throw some small prizes our way. Also will be at the sponsor table.
*We need to start advertising for PLAN.

*See the wave for the list of tasks that need to be completed.
*Cap kit purchased yesterday as well as t-molding.

*Want to purchase more tv-b-gone kits to have things for new members to do, like projects.