23 Sep 2010

CCLUB Meeting
23 September 2010
2244 Kohrman Hall

President: rancor
VP: dwight
VP Finance: butters
Treasurer: cokezero
Secretary/WSA Rep: scrabble

1800 meeting opens

1801 drc arrives

1803 new members say they’d like to learn names

1813 lyth has skills page he needs material for

1818 rancor expresses desire to build wii sensors at geekout
geekout saturday 9/25

1822 hoodies could happen this morning

1825 UGP possible source for t-shirts/hoodies

1829 we’ve got stuff to sell on craigslist

1839 console tournament for fundraiser
14 november (1853 – 11 members in favor)
chem bldg
switchblade in charge of rules

1841 crowbar arrives

1855 meeting adjourns