16 Sep 2010

CCLUB Meeting
16 September 2010
2244 Kohrman Hall

President: rancor
VP: dwight
VP Finance: butters
Treasurer: cokezero
Secretary/WSA Rep: scrabble

1805 meeting opens

1806 rancor intros new info section of mtg
grg demonstrates
downloading putty
connecting to yakko
logging into yakko
demonstrates screen
connecting to dot/geekboy

1812 rancor suggests intros?

1814 drc arrives

1824 geekout – come in and hang out
low expectations… Sept 25 approx 10AM

1828 doors are locked on weekends, duh

1828 suggestions fielded for 1v1 arcade

1839 rancor says voting closed

1840 plan servers discussed

1845 wsa plan?
guest speaker?

1850 money for arduino? $40 allocated by consent

1853 rancor says after plan, new website should be focus

1856 rancor says we need to advertise on campus for plan

1857 plan flyer should be approved soon

1858 rancor would like to chalk soon for plan