27 Jan 2011

CCLUB Meeting
27 January 2011
2244 Kohrman Hall

President: rancor
VP: dwight
VP Finance: butters
VP Operations: wahkafaka
VP of PR: badwolf
VP of Alumni Relations: elf
Treasurer: cokezero
Secretary/WSA Rep: scrabble


1828 meeting opens

1829 PLAN website needs to be updated

1835 lyth will talk about minecraft / redstone 14 april

1836 alumni dinner date needs to be changed due to conflicts with date

1840 office needs to be cleaned

1842 office standards to be examined

1849 no plan t-shirts this time

1852 new member referrals will earn two rancor-bucks

1855 scrabble talks about wsa
stepping down from senate seat at end of cabinet term

1858 meeting adjourns