03 Feb 2011

CCLUB Meeting
3 February 2011
2244 Kohrman Hall

President: rancor
VP: dwight
VP Finance: butters
VP Operations: wahkafaka
VP of PR: badwolf
VP of Alumni Relations: elf
Treasurer: cokezero
Secretary/WSA Rep: scrabble


1831 need to pick friday different date for alumni event

1833 alumni event/dinner needs to be marketed to entire campus

1837 september 2 decided as new date

1839 butters and bondboy8 taking care of budget for event

1841 presentation tonight is cancelled

1842 steam offers feature to advertise local LAN party

1842 OCZ logo needs to be on website

1845 plan website needs to be updated and admin’d on regular basis

1847 decided by vote to clean office next week after meeting

1848 CRT monitor needs to be gotten rid of from MAME cabinet

1850 newegg and tiger direct do not carry toner refill bottle for printer

1851 $30 allocated by vote for new toner cartridge

1856 bring in take out menus!

1858 meeting adjourned