12 Apr 2012

5:55 drc arrives
6:02 meeting starts
6:03 we normally have handouts for Bronco bash in the Fall
wimples will make some
they must be done by the first week of school
6:05 arsinh will update the PLAN site
6:06 meetings friday at 8pm during summer
6:06 PLAN committee instead of VP of ops
vote passed

6:10 nominations:
president: elf
VP: frant!c, dickweed
VP of ops: wimples, sk8
VP of finance: grizzzly
WSA rep: bears
webmaster: arsinh
treasurer: jrob, wimples

we will be voting next week
you will be giving a speech if you are listed

6:24 movie monday! to be continuted…
6:26 bears will put the voting in the topic
6:27 meeting adjourned