19 Apr 2012

6:08 Meeting starts
6:08 no meeting next week. After that, meetings at 8 on Fridays
6:12 frantic: was VP of Ops last year, was responsible for PLAN, frantic got a lot of attenders, he feels strongly about the club and wants to keep working at it
6:13 congratulations frantic, the new VP

6:14 wimples: he could be a very adequate PLAN person, he will be more active in IRC, he comes to every meeting, he would enjoy the position and would have fun with it
6:16 sk8punk: he was PLAN person last semester, but he didn’t do anything. He did PLAN spring of last year, he got a lot of sponsors and he’s more active now
6:18 congratulations wimples, the new VP of Ops

6:20 grizzzly: promises to do more than tim did last year
6:21 congratulations grizzzly, the new VP of Finance

6:22 jrob: worked with money quite a bit in the past, worked at jobs with money, good at keeping track
6:23 dw: president, captain, VP of finance, and VP of treasurer of water ski club, good with money, managed a pool for two years, balanced finances
6:25 congratulations jrob, the new treasurer

6:33 drc arrives

6:43 congratulations dw, the new webmaster
6:41 congratulations arsinh, the secretary

6:44 Meeting adjourned