11 Apr 2013

11 April, 2013

About plan- -for upcoming plan: try non-traditional games (ex. cards, console games, hacker space, etc.) -have set schedule for when to have sponsors/ prizes by for PLAN, one month before at least -orient it towards freshmen -have discounts to bring in more people -start sending out sponsors around July

Elections- -President: David (av1dmage) -Vice President: Quincy (shaggy) -VP of Ops: Glenn (hush) -Treasure: Justin (jrob) -Secretary: Sarah (firefly) -Finance: Johnny (zugswang) -Sys Admin: Dan (mrgoodcat) -Web master: Jeff (arsinh)

Cclub is for sure moving offices this summer, the room and time is still TBD -start “spring cleaning” to prepare for the move -1pm 4/14/13 cleaning party, members are strongly encouraged to attend.