18 Apr 2013

18 April, 2013

-Thanks to the few people that came to clean last weekend

-We need to create/update a calendar for this summer so we can organize and show the public

-Voted to give a lifetime membership to DRC —Approved

-Fall Plan, more concentric to freshmen and new members —09/21/13 —WIDR will do a radio promo for us! —Can we get Steve Carr & Co. to help out with a bus/shuttle to Parkview —Summer Plan meetings by committee. —We need to share the plan docs with new officers —Have a multifaceted plan: video games, hacker projects, console games, tabletop games

-If you don’t pay for your hoodies/tshirts by the end of the semester, they will be sold to the public.

-Room moving this summer —What should we keep or what should we ebay? —Shaeos made a inventory of what’s in the room, soon to be on gdocs

-Proposed meet & greet / good will breakfast for faculty/staff/cclub to get our name out and network with pseudo important people

-Vote to have a calendar on our new site has passed.

-’Kzoo Hack’ looking for help with for their lan party, talk to zug or go to http://kzoohack.org