13 Jun 2013

14 June, 2013

We finally got the oculus rift! It’s awesome. Everyone might or might not be sick.

MSP430 for computer organization for CS dept. w/ TI micro controller processor. -kit with spark fun stuff and extras -Student required to buy for class -someone needs to buy and assemble, book store is not The Best Place – cclub can do this! -Used to be the EE dept, they no longer are doing it. -Sell 120 units a year.. -Sparkfun has an EDU discount too.. -Order by August, and go live first thursday after labor day. -Steve Carr can probably help us with money

Steve Carr is talking to Trenary again/still/more in hopes that our freshman PLAN is going to be great.

Trenary wonders where our calendar is.

Ron Roybn has advised Trenary where our new room will probably be. If we talk to him we can see the room, time soon – but tbd.

Vote to approve $15 for a AT&T paypal credit card reader.

Also, the Oculus Rift is awesome. Zerg mentions that we should get involved with local tech people to show off the Rift. There isn’t another one in the area, this would be a good networking opportunity for us!

Start planning PLAN now, start doing things in July. -Hush is updating the plan docs, pls join #plan or #officers for more info -Everyone needs to help with plan this year!

Mini PLAN during Bronco Bash.

Bronco Bash is Friday the 13th. (That’s GRRCON weekend).