16 Jan 2014

Thursday 1-16-14 Minutes

Meeting Begins 6:00pm

Bank account:

  • Get bank account straightened out
  • Misclik, Sphinx, And Trenary will be on the account
  • Elf will move off of account

Some new members

  • Austin, Blake

Capture the Flag

"Ghost in the Shell Code" CTF Starts tomorrow, starts 3:30pm Friday and goes all weekend until Sunday till 3:30pm. Rocco, Zachzor, Flay and more people will be there.

Mailing List

Mailing list has been running. Many members have not been receiving e-mails. Members who have not received should talk to Sphinx or an officer to sort out e-mail addresses. Bears wrote the script to get out our minutes via e-mail.
PM an officer to have your e-mail to the mailing list.

CS2230 MSP Equipment/Boards

2230 MSP Equipment to be in by Tuesday.
Sell date: Thursday.
Only 30 kits to put together. If youd like to help Sphinx, contact him on when to show up and help out.

PLAN (Parkview LAN Party)

We need a person to head up PLAN and be a major player for organization.
* Perhaps form a committee to work together
* Contact typo for League RSO e-mails.
* Sphinx has some beta keys for Strife to hand out for possible raffles Talk to developers of Strife to possibly play their game at PLAN
* Hogan is willing to help out with PLAN, as are Misclik and Zug
* Talk of pre-sign up for PLAN.

New Yakko (Server)

New Yakko needs to be worked on. We need a person to lead in the server installation, we already have a few people helping, but a lead would be helpful.
Some things to do: * We need to get RAID going
* Perhaps have people work remotely on it
* Run servers in parallel for initial setup possibly
If anybody knows anything about servers, please volunteer. If you would like to learn some, feel free to show up and watch.


Rocco is heading up the new Ccowmu website. If anybody writes a blog post or something interesting, talk to Rocco to having it linked on the new website. If you currently write or plan to, itd be great to link to it. We need to list Office Hours on website as well.

Other ideas

We need officers to have hours for this semester. We will figure out who will be officers and when they are available.

Zug suggests ticketing system, for things we need to do or delegate etc.


New Talks: Flay intends to have a lockpick talk, if you have any ideas for cool talks or want to give one, make it known!


Zug has announcement: IT Career day at fetzer center at 9am. Can show up at 12pm. Must RSVP beforehand. They are looking for programmers in addition to IT admins. The Companies are IBM, AutoOwners, QuickenLoan, Kellogs, Gordon Food Services, and more. Feb 7th. You should already have an e-mail from western about this.

One last thing: Sphinx went to the RSO meeting at 7am. Many Engineering RSOs are working on many things, while we don't have much to show as of late. We'd like people to be more active and have projects to work on.

Official meeting ends at 6:16pm.

DropShock begins his talk 6:16pm. Talk is on Sabotoge, proper technique and operations.