23 Jan 2014

Thursday, 1-23-14 Minutes

Meeting begins at 6:00pm

David begins meeting

Computer Club administration:

David is stepping down as president. Sphinx will be stepping up as interm president until next semesters elections. He will then appoint a president and things will go on as normal.

We still need to do nominations for fall, but we well allow time for people to settle in and consider who they would like to nominate.

  • Flay is appointed as Vice President by Sphinx

  • Robert (Misclik) is appointed as Treasurer by Shpinx

  • Typo will be taking minutes

Officer Hours will be posted soon


We were complimented on our website, however our contact link did not bring up anything for a specific user.

We will update the google calendar w/ new office hours.

Capture the Flag:

CTF Team came in 21st out of 300 last week at "Ghost in the Shell Code." Great job CTF team!!

There are two upcoming CTF Events:

  • Hack IM tomorrow at 1:30pm
    • Play for this will happen remotely
  • Sat/Sun CTF Match @ 3am
    • /j #ctf to find out when people will be at cclub for this event. Please don't show up at 3am
  • Both events are Jeopardy Style

for more info /j #ctf

New Yakko (Server):

New server is currently online with a public IP.

Johnson isn't giving us much leeway, so if/when we put it into the server room it cannot run in tandem with the old one for long. Copying files will need to take place relatively quickly, but can be done remotely.

RAID was setup, but many drives were not working. May use club funds for storage.


No head person for PLAN, but many people are working on getting things setup. /j #plan


C0 brings up that we need to buy a UPS to help prevent further downtime from yakko. Many members are willing to put in funds. Zug has available UPS to use.

MSP430 kits:

MSP430 stuff will be coming in, if not by tomorrow, then by monday. Sphinx will be in Cclub friday or saturday.

/j #geekboy and inquire when Sphinx will be working on them in order to help.


T-Shirts, Misclik has a design for the t-shirt.


Flay will be giving a lockpicking talk next Thursday

Official meeting ends at 6:15pm