20 Mar 2014

##Minutes 3-20-14

###Issues to resolve:

  • Mail is broken, it may be fixed now however. Should be fixed soon if not.
  • Trying to fix SSL certification, Demerest is helping us out and looking into writing a self-signed certificate


PLAN is this weekend, if you are able to help, PLEASE do show up.

  • Misclik, Renix, Sphinx, HollywoodHeinz plan to be there to help.
  • Meet at 5pm on friday In the cclub room to help move equipment and start setting up. This is cclub only. General public will show up Saturday.


  • Nominations are coming up
  • Almost all positions will be up for grabs
  • Begin thinking of who you want to nominate for positions such as President, Vice prez, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster, etc


  • Gratz to Drc for on job offer!
  • Hush sent out an e-mail to Kaminski that should have made its way to CS students for a job position
  • Contact hush for more info
  • Still waiting on lockpicks from TOOOL. Waiting to hear back when products are in stock

###Replacing Rita:

  • Working on replacing rita with one of our Raspberry Pi’s, functionality for !door and other fun ideas.