13 Mar 2014

##Meeting begins at 6:10pm


  • no riot sponsorship, the RSO forgot to contact riot and we don’t have the necessary time or teams signed up for sponsorship to allow a riot sponsorship
  • not a lot of teams have signed up yet, may be for the better
  • not a lot of advertisement
  • This plan will more than likely be smaller, we will need to provide prizes
  • The idea to push PLAN back was tossed around, but is not really viable


  • fixing a scooter? Electric. Just need to make a motor controller for it.

  • thinking of making battery packs for raspberri pi’s

###Apple hiring

Hush says apple is hiring. Hush fixes things. He helps.

  • The job is a 24/7 first response source system type deal.
  • Apple online services organization
  • Provide 24/7 support for Apple service
  • You are basically a remote System Administration
  • Interview will be linux and python skillsj
  • “It’s Apple, just apply.”
  • For more details contact Hush or David.

###Raspberry Pi’s

  • We will be working with the Raspberry Pi’s tonight
  • Installing Arch
  • Potentially making battery packs, see geekout above
  • Renix brought some micro-usb cables for


  • Next week Flay will be giving a talk on the Onity Lock hack

###Upgrading godpidgeon

  • Sphinx will bring in his old graphic card
  • Hush may have an i5 processor, may be 2nd gen+
  • Misclik is king of choosing the new parts, all hail.

##Meeting ends at 6:25pm