03 Apr 2014

##Minutes 4-3-14

##Meeting starts 6:02pm

###Trenary speech:

  • We need some people to help see issues and projects to completion
  • Get the uber yakko done and running
  • The e-mail problem is being worked on
  • Maybe keep contact with Ron Robyn about the room move
  • Contribute!
  • Plan on having more talks!

###Voting: Nominees begin their speeches

Positions for Fall 2014:

  • PLANners: Giggles and Hardison
  • CTF Captains: Whiteout
  • VP of Finance: Karras
  • System Admin: TBD
  • Treasurer: Misclik
  • Webmaster: Majorstringy
  • Secretary: Renix
  • Vice President: Sphinx
  • President: Flay


  • The way we are doing mail will soon come to a halt within the month!
  • We need to work with OIT to comply with their standards in order to keep our mail server.
  • How quickly can we do what is necessary to comply


  • If you use club funds and leave receipt, PLEASE sign receipt and if you already took club funds or need to be compensated

  • Whiteout will be giving a talk on game inventors club next week, what it is and some information on what they will be working on this summer

##Meeting ends at 6:53pm