10 Apr 2014

Minutes 4-10-14

Meeting starts 6:09pm


  • Still need to shape up and finish up our larger projects
  • If you have any project ideas you want to start or help on let an officer know

New Members:

  • Mitch, Fishy, hello!
  • Introductions!
  • Clap for Flay, claps all day.


  • Mail is currently working, send and receive
  • We may still need to comply with OIT if we haven't completely yet


  • Good job jack, !door is functional and soon !room will also work!
  • Ordered 2600 magazine, we received our first copy recently!
    • Covers things like commonly used PINs, how to finagle maytag washer/dryers


  • New CTF This weekend. Tomorrow @ 5:00pm. People will begin

3D Printer:

  • Zug suggests buying a 3D Printer, the current price is about $299 until that slot sells out on it's kickstarter.
    • Cons: It's a bit smaller. Work area is about 6x6x6".
    • Pros: Cheap, all schematics are published by company, could modify ourselves. Rods are carbon fiber rather than steel.
    • We can discuss this further in #projects


  • Whiteout begins talk on Game Inventors Club (GIC)
  • Any questions? E-mail: gameinventorsclubwmu@gmail.com

Meeting ends at 6:26, whiteout begins talk on GIC