19 Jun 2014

June 19th, 2014 Minutes

Meeting begins at 6:06PM

Attendees: 11

Stringy’s New CClub Site is Live!

  • Public wiki will be available soon
  • PLAN site will be unavailable for now

Ryan T. Guard DHCP Server

  • Office network is now working
  • Wireless is also available

Meeting with Rob Robyn

  • Tomorrow @ 10:15AM, Club Office
  • Contact Flay beforehand if you would like to attend

Defcon Trip

  • Coming up August 7th to 10th
  • Entry fee is $220
  • Contact Flay or David for possible budget
  • Possibly carpooling there … ?

Bounty Board Idea?

  • Provide incentives for members to complete needed tasks
  • What is the conversion rate between Flay Kisses & Rancor Bucks?

Meeting ends at 6:38PM