12 Jun 2014

June 12th, 2014 Minutes

Meeting begins at 6:05pm

###Head Count:

  • 10

###Job Postings:

  • Zoetis - looking for an Automation Developer and a Technical Business Analyst. Ask renix if you would like the job posting PDF

###Plan site:

  • /j #plansite for input or feedback for Hardison


  • Ready to get up and running, yay Stringy!
  • All that is left to do is a script for the minutes blog for the new site


  • Have full access to the 3D printers at parkview
  • Flay wants to get a new Laser printer for cclub!

###Game Inventors Club:

  • Getting a game server!
  • In the fall, a unity talk will be happening around the 2nd meeting of the year by a guest speaker
  • In the spring, Michigan Tech is going to host a bonzai brawl here at wmu! Huge event, all in java, open to students
  • Make an AI to play against other AI’s, You know nothing about the game until you show up for the event
  • bonzai.cs.mtu.edu for more information, API’s, and old AI’s

###Other Stuff:

  • Renix made a new Intro User Guide yay!
  • Possible Event on sunday at the valley pond for new freshman, talk to Renix if interested in helping

Meeting ends at 6:18pm