24 Jul 2014

July 24th, 2014 Minutes

Meeting begins at 6:14pm

Head Count:

  • 8

New Room :

  • 6 outlets per each wall, 4 circuits, lots oh power!
  • Gonna have to get some power strips since we have limited outlet space
  • Electricity should be done by tuesday next week
  • Taking desks from current room, should we mount them to the wall again?
  • They are giving us another white board for the new room!
  • Things we need: NEW LASER PRINTER! also another couch?

Setting Up Talks:

  • Adding a google calender to the site to set up talk times
  • If you have a talk you want to do for fall meetings, talk to renix and we will plan time for begining of fall

Fall Meetings:

  • Will remain the same time at 6pm on thursdays unless major conflicts arise

Fall Office Hours:

  • If you are an officer let renix know asap your fall plans and when you would be willing to hold hours

Plan Site:

  • Is up! check it out

Shitty Ideas:

  • sudo on yakko.... take your dumb ideas back to canada pluggles.....
  • pluggles--

Helping with room move:

  • typo, pluggles, stringy, hardison, jack, renix

Meeting ends at 6:37pm