14 Aug 2014

August 14th, 2014 Minutes

by typo (hi)

Meeting begin 6:10pm

##Headcount: 10 heads counted


  • T-shirts CCROW SHIRTS as the CTF mascott
  • CCAW
  • (ka-KAW)

###Room move:

  • Kohrman 2225
  • Data drops are in and activated (me++)
  • They still need to finish mounting the whiteboard,
  • They may be taking the blackboard, but they are in a rush so they may not?
  • No set day yet, Ron Robyn is setting a schedule for this, probably within the next couple days.
  • We have moderate assurance that it will be done before fall
  • Room is mostly done, power and internet in
  • Stop saying unnecessary things the kitchen cabinets don’t matter
  • Aviation breathing down our necks culd u guise not plz

###KZOO Smash

  • Group we’re working with
  • They’ve had 50 people showing up consistently to tournaments
  • Perhaps do advertisement
  • They’re going to be having an event at plan
  • Aug 30th, room D109 there will be a KZOO Smash tournament at Parkview
  • $5 entry fee for kzoo smash


  • October 10th
  • We may be running League ourselves
  • One tournament Friday, One Saturday
  • Smash Bros, League of Legends to headline
  • Giggles working on sponsorships
  • Guys quit bickering we’re (trying to be) being constructive


  • Uber yakko is up and thus becomes normal Yakko
  • Props to Stringy, Monofuel, Whiteout, Sphinx, Zug
  • Still working out kinks, most services are running smoothly
  • Inb4 snarky jokes
  • We have a wiki now (again, rather)
  • Login w/ cclub credentials
  • Everyone can use it
  • USE IT!
  • Stuff like how ralph works, what’s going on in the room, etc
  • Mail is up
  • Webirc is being worked on
  • If you have a blog, and want your posts on the cclub main page, give us a feed in rss format
  • It will get posted and give you exposure while making US look productive! Excellent!


  • Another parkview event like last year?
  • this is a good idea. Flay is talking to Trenary about scheduling
  • Bronco bash?


  • WIDR would be happy to take the stream and run it themselves
  • They don’t have server space for it, could probably buy it
  • They don’t have people with experience setting it up and use it
  • Drc proposes using a Rpi and using it to feed info to yakko and yakko then serves the content
  • No audio out on their equipment
  • Karras will look into it further
  • We will work with WIDR to create a better solution


  • Magoo vouches that upgrading 12.04LTS to 14.04LTS ubuntu goes smoothly
  • We have a table on Sunday Bronco Bash weekend with WIDR

##Meeting ends at 6:52pm