21 Aug 2014

August 21st, 2014 Minutes

by typo again (hi)

Meeting begin 6:22pm

##Headcount: 13 heads counted

####Strap in y’all this is gonna be a long one


  • Ccow design currently winning
  • URL to vote is in the topic of #geekboy; About 6 more people wanted tshirts
  • Ordering will most likely happen 1-2 weeks into Fall 2014 semester

###Room updates:

  • Room is now re-cored. Old keys function again.
  • AC is set to be on 24/7, keeps the room about 75 degrees
  • Caes can bring in another AC to help cool servers and room; Caes++

  • Looking at Projector screen on craigslist to mount and pulldown for the room
  • If you know any businesses that are interested in donating things to us, they can use it as a tax writeoff as we are a 501c3
  • Tax deduction applies to all donations, from businesses.
  • Still figuring out where furniture will be permanently

  • Thanks to all who helped room move! All who didn’t, beg for forgiveness. You’re bad.

  • List of things to happen:
  • Room speakers need to be set up / mounted above whiteboard
  • Moving room and organizing the items we have

###Purchases and potential purchases

  • We voted on purchasing a printer, but are looking for a laser printer that can do pcb etching. *Caes might have a huge one we can pick up from Ann Arbor, if we can find room for it.
  • Digital osciliscope, looking at one that is versatile for $400. Has capture to USB. Probably a Rigol or Tektronix

  • Why is this something we want?
  • Signal analysis, troubleshooting microcontrollers, you are able to tell if a circuit doing what it is meant to do

  • Variable benchtop power supply. 0V-30V and up to 3A
  • Ice cream? Good idea Karras. 2nd’d.
  • Ordering an 8port belkin KVM as our old one fried



  • Parkview Passport
  • C-208
  • This event is the one we held last year and roped in lots of new members/friends
  • This is happening the August 28th 1-4:30pm
  • We are given a room to set up things that represent Computer Club and pique interest
  • Stringy, Pluggles, Misclik tentatively. Whiteout, Caes, Hardison, Heinz, Sphinx, Flay volunteer. Anyone/Everyone else welcome.
  • We will bring the MAME cabinet, Oculus rift, lockpick demo, and CTF alongside Game inventor Club.

###More events:

  • Bronco Bash, can we sneak in?
  • Too late to get a table at the moment
  • Whiteout will see what he can do, he may be able to pull a string
  • We’re blaming Renix for something or other I didn’t hear this part so well

  • Karras let us know we are invited to the “Block party”
  • It is kinda like bronco bash, slightly more intimate
  • This is more about talking with the groups for longer than a moment
  • More of a smaller festival
  • BBQ, hotdogs refreshments etc
  • On Locus street, in vine neighborhood
  • September 7th
  • Starts 12pm goes to 8pm
  • Flay, Caes, Pluggles, Heinz, Misclik can tentatively help

  • Pizza w/ a prof?
  • Flay will talk to Trenary about this

  • RSO Fair


  • September 19th, we will be participating in CSAW * Whiteout will be leading this event
  • A grand event, much fun, CSAW TV is bonkers
  • Very accessible CTF, even for beginners.
  • https://ctf.isis.poly.edu/


  • Ideas?
  • Have presence at other events
  • Ask teachers to plug us in during class
  • Whiteout will be plugging GIC, will also talk about Cclub a bit
  • Clean the room, organize it, make it presentable


  • Mame needs to be fixed
  • Pluggles is on it

##Meeting ends at 7:30pm