04 Sep 2014

September 4th, 2014 Minutes

by Renix (Secretary)

*First Meeting Of The Semester!

Meeting begin 6:09pm

Headcount: 45! Wowza!... Lost count so many came in through the meeting

New Members!: 26

About Computer Club!:

  • Informal organic learning environment. Come here to learn new things and get help on things you struggle with
  • Great networking center! Many people in cclub have gotten jobs from connections with members in the club
  • Always someone to talk to about something that you havent learned yet
  • Dedicated alumni who also bring job opportunities, experience, and wisdom.
  • Room open often with officers in the room to help you and hang out with you!
  • Only a 10 dollar member fee for an amazing learning environment

Things new memebers are interested in:

  • AI and video game development
  • Lockpicking
  • Cyber Security
  • Robotics *

About CTF:

  • Learn a lot in a very short about of time
  • Working with cyber security
  • Competitive hacking team
  • Our team was ranked 22nd internationally


  • When is room avaliable? Answer: During office hours which are posted on the main website and wiki, or just ask!
  • *

Unique to CCLUB:

  • Lively group. Have our own server and use IRC to communicate with members outside of meeting days
  • Members are friendly and plan hangouts weekly outside of computer club, including going to dinner after meetings, ect.
  • We have been around since 1976, the oldest RSO still on campus! How cool is that?

About Plan:

  • Bi Annual Lan party hosted at parkview
  • Non members is 10 bucks per plan enterance, members only have to pay 5 dollars!


  • Check IRC for links to the different TShirt and Hoodie designs!

Meeting Ends At 6:41pm