02 Oct 2014

October 2nd, 2014 Minutes

  • By Renix!

Meeting begin 6:10pm

Head Count: 28

New RSO - Cube Satellite:

  • Looking for interested programmers of any experience
  • Brand new RSO, will be a 2 year project
  • Working on building a small WMU cube satellite
  • Contact Greg Neff (or renix) for more information!

PLAN next week!:

  • October 10th(Members Only)
  • October 11-12 everyone welcome
  • whatistheplan.com

CTF Oct 15-16 Attack/Defense:

  • All teams get VM image
  • Drop into image with daemon's you have to shut down
  • Defcamp october 18th 3pm-20th at 3pm

KZOO Smash:

  • Tonight (Thursday) at 8 o clock
  • Mix between brawl and melee at gamestop tonight

Official Homework Wiki Page:

  • Homework page on wiki for all member to help and post homework problems
  • Place to store homework all of us have compiled for others to use as reference
  • extrastout and logger added to all official Homework IRC Channels so they never close
  • Within your chat client type /list to view all current channels

If you want access to start your own repo or begin contributing to our github https://github.com/ccowmu ask stringy, giggles, or flay

Stringy Begins Git-Hub Talk

Meeting ends at 6:24pm