25 Sep 2014

September 25th, 2014 Minutes

  • By Renix!

Meeting begin 6:15pm

###Head Count:

  • 39


  • October 10-12. First day is officially for members only
  • 11-12th tournaments will be held
  • Flyers are approved and currently done being posted at Parkview
  • Jesuscat has valley 3, Mobyte has valley 1-2, Icy has schneider, Ceas has wood and chemistry building, Shock has henry hall, firefly has the art building, Flay will hit the other random places on main campus.
  • Sphinx will go to kinkos and print a ton of flyers which will be in the room by Friday


  • Anyone who has signed up to get a t-shirt and hasnt paid for them talk to firefly or paypal the money to cclub.

###Upcoming Events:

  • CTF this weekend! Everyone should take part even if you have no experience! 6am tomorrow the 26th for 32 hours
  • Linux workshop at Parkview Campus in c-208 Monday the 29th and Wednesday the 31st.
  • Pico CTF is October 27th
  • This weekend 6pm friday- 6pm sunday - 48 hour film festival going on. Blind and James are getting a team together if you are interested.

###Group Study:

  • Want to set up and area on git to upload your homework for discussion
  • Check homework channels on IRC, or create your own!
  • Giggles is currently creating a page on the wiki for homework notes

###Can You Hack It?:

  • Link on our website to solve a simple ctf problem
  • Scanning the QR Code on our flyers also works to get to this simple problem

###Linux Workshop:

  • Upcoming Monday the 29th and Wednesday the 31st at 5:30 in c-208 at the parkview campus
  • Come learn more about linux, or begin learning for the first time!
  • Computers in c-208 have linux already on them if you don’t have it on your personal computer
  • Blind, Demorest, Pluggles, Sphinx, and possibly Stringy will be there to help


  • Professional Side of things
  • Business Technology Network - relating technology to the business world
  • They hold events like resume day, Linkdn day, ect.
  • Senior Application Engineer coming from Steel Case next week and looking for interns!
  • IT Forum on November 7th, register online and dress up! also free food! Flyer is in cclub room
  • Meetings are Wednesdays at 6pm in 3350 Schneider Hall
  • Possibly making websites for student organizations in the future?!

##Meeting ends at 6:44pm