23 Oct 2014

October 23rd, 2014 Minutes

  • By Renix!

Meeting begin 6:00pm

###Head Count:

  • 25

###Club Funds:

  • 4500 dollars most we have ever had before!
  • We are doing very well right now!


  • Estimated date of the 31st when they should be done
  • Give or take a few days after to receive the t-shirts
  • Any questions ask firefly

###Project Clean-Up:

  • Need to start wrapping up and cleaning up projects laying around
  • Get the place back in order and have more open space

###Plan Date:

  • Tentative March 28th for second semester plan
  • If this date seems to be a problem or you think there would be a better date, let us know
  • This date is after spring break so midterms should be done by then


  • Paypal the club money: payments@yakko.cs.wmich.edu
  • Making the order by this sunday the 26th
  • B+ is 35 dollars but it does not include the SD card
  • Monofuel can print custom 3D cases for them…if you would like
  • Element 14 is the site we are getting them through
  • B+ needs micro SD card

###3D printer vote:

  • Concerns about buying a printer: how much does printing material cost? A: about 20-40 dollars for a 2 kilogram spool
  • About 540 dollars
  • Voting Yes: everyone at meeting! yayyyy!
  • Maybe we should get a locking cabinet so the new expensive items we are buying can be kept secure. - Grizzly’s Idea

###Security Build:

  • csquared donated some servers! Going to start from the ground up
  • Setting them up with some VM’s and etc.
  • Sunday the 26th it is being held in the room at 2pm
  • Going hook up one of these machines so we can test a variety of different exploits

###CTF this weekend!:

  • Pico CTF this weekend
  • Designed for beginners learning to break in and mess with security
  • Easier categories to break things up. Lots of things to try
  • Starts on Monday the 27th and runs for 2 weeks.
  • If you are interested in showing up and working on the problems together, people will for sure be here on the weekends working on it

###CSAW Overview:

  • Came in 46th in the undergrad competition
  • Came in 80th overall! Good job! We did really well.

###Talk to Strypkon if interested in console kit or open rc.

###Maestro Begins Presentation - meetmaestro.com

##Meeting ends at 6:20pm