30 Oct 2014

##October 30th, 2014 Minutes

  • By Renix!

Meeting begin 6:03pm

###Head Count:

  • 27


  • Should all be completed by next week
  • Estimated pick up date next friday?
  • Date delayed because one of their machines wasn’t working for a while

###RPI Update:

  • Cost is 38 dollars for the RPI B+
  • Paypal the club money if you would like one
  • Order is being placed next friday, money must be in by then
  • Do not include SD cards, must buy one on your own, or club might sell a few
  • Put a comment with your money transfer saying that you would like an RPI B+

###Officer Switch Up:

  • New treasurer and VP of Ops
  • Votes are next week
  • If you are interested or think someone would be good for a posistion, nominations are accepted
  • Grizzly has been nominated for treasurer
  • Pluggles nominated for VP of fianance
  • cpsquared nominated for treasurer
  • Demorest Nominated for VP of ops

###Possible Purchases:

  • Projector Screen -Everyone at meeting in favor
  • November 5th from 12-3pm, if anyone can go for the club please let flay know. Brandon said he most likely can
  • Maybe a laser printer, if you have one to donate or sell, let the club know. We do have money set aside if we cannot get one donated.
  • Bench top power supply. Once box to adjust voltage and amp at same time. About 90 on amazon. Everyone at meeting in favor


  • Wall warts, routers, printers, newer computer equipment, any old fun junk, switches, hubs, ALL would be appreciated!
  • Renix, Brandon and Zugs can donate routers

###Sign up for a talk!: *If interested let flay know!

###Pico CTF:

  • Going on right now!
  • This is the ctf aimed towards highschool students and beginners
  • Pluggles has a team, also Segfault, feel free to join up with people! *join team pluggles passphrase is we <3 pluggles

###Virtual Hackathon:

  • Going on Dec 5-6th
  • Koding.com
  • Blind is going to participate, if you are interested let him know

##Meeting ends at 6:24pm