22 Jan 2015

January 22nd, 2015 Minutes

  • By Renix!
  • Guess what, its 2015! Who knew!

Meeting begin 6:12pm

Head Count:

  • 28

The Jobs:

  • Aspect Security - web position open. talk to veggiespam!
  • Apple still looking for two people to locate to California
  • Tutor! need a 3.0 GPA. Want more western students. Talk to flay?

RSO Websites:

  • Hosting BTN website currently! thanks stringy bb
  • Other RSO sites: were just going to add their own user accounts, and a small section where they can store files. Stringy is the man with a plan.
  • Someone interested in coming up with a rough template for RSO sites? speak up!
  • We need someone to finish building the cubeSat site!


  • If you know anyone who has a topic that they would like to talk about related to the future in computing, let flay know!


  • Demorest is freaking awesome, and owns this domain, and when you go to it ANYWHERE in the world, it redirects to our ccowmu.org site. freaking badass. EVERYONE LOVE HIM


  • Type this when on our local network!

Meeting ends at 6:40pm