15 Jan 2015

##January 15th, 2015 Minutes

  • By Renix!

Meeting begin 6:10pm

###Head Count:

  • 50 plus some change

###A little about cclub:

  • Club room open for all members
  • Place to work during the week or hang with other members
  • Great networking environment for new jobs
  • IRC chat for members to use
  • Many new and old members who can help with your class work
  • Lots of things for members to mess with and use like our new 3D printer

###3D Printer:

  • If you use it frequently, printing personal things, please throw in some money
  • If you want to test a few things or make things for cclub, go ahead!
  • While printing please stay around the room so you can check on it

###Resume Help:

  • BTN has events for resume checking and will let the club know when these will run


  • Capture the flag!
  • Styled as a jepordy style, each challenge has a new problem to solve
  • Great to challenge your programming and hacking skills
  • One starting Friday the 16th at 3pm at “Ghost in the shell code”
  • Members will hang out in the club room for CTF and will be here a little before it starts as well

###New this semester:

  • More outreach for the community
  • Going to start designing websites for other RSO’s around campus.
  • More workshops! If you are interested in helping out with some or running new ones, let officers know!
  • Card swipe access for the room is coming back! Thanks Jack! hopefully will be up and running soon

###When is Plan?:

  • March 16th is the date we have planned currently

###What you get being a member:

  • One year access to our cclub server which includes our IRC chat room
  • Access to our club room whenever you are on campus
  • You only have to pay 5 dollars to come to plan instead of 10!
  • Tons of new friends to do homework with, help you find jobs, and more!
  • membership money can also be sent to payment@yakko.cs.wmich.edu

###AIAA wants software savy people!:

  • If you are interested in programming some unmanned aircraft drones, contact AIAA!
  • For more information or if you are interested, contact Spencer.g.watza@wmich.edu

##Meeting ends at 6:30pm