19 Feb 2015

##February 19th, 2015 Minutes

  • By Renix!

Meeting begin 6:02pm

###Head Count:

  • 26

###New Website:

  • Check out the new website changes!
  • Lots of work was done on automating cclub functions
  • Adding on bot functions with botler during the hackathon. Interfaces with the website to allow users to add new agenda items, bounties, etc
  • Bounty Board
  • diyo is working on a crypto currency for cclub / bounty board (bounty bucks)
  • rancor bucks 2.0
  • We now have a flickr account, which feeds into the slideshow on the website
  • Banner promoting members to vote on net neutrality

###Bounty Bucks:

  • Can earn this currency based on what you work on in cclub, for example items of the bounty board.
  • You can use these funds to go towards things you would like to see the club buying, to lower the cost.
  • This currency will not be used on any concessions
  • These can only be used on things that are for the club, such as new equipment, hardware, or books.
  • Everyone has a wallet who wants to participate. Club will be the only person who mines on this
  • No one will mine their own currency. Cclub will mine a finite amount of coins and then distribute them as rewards.
  • Whoever finishes the task first gets the bounty reward.

###IRC channel Policy:

  • /j #irc to join
  • Voting next week at meeting.


  • Tomorrow at 5:30pm
  • Working on botler, the collaborative cclub bot
  • Website functions too
  • Everyone can show up! Do it. Great fun.

###Plan Meeting:

  • Sunday at 1pm in the room
  • Please come if you are interested in helping in any way

###Officer Meeting:

  • This Sunday at 2pm, right after the PLAN meeting
  • Anyone who has any ideas or concerns can also attend even if you are not an officer
  • Officer hours ARE updated


  • Firefly came up with a poster idea that is in the room
  • If you are interested at all, come to the PLAN meeting Sunday at 1pm
  • whatistheplan.com
  • 5-10 could be on nice paper from firefly’s account. If we want more on nice paper we should look into allocating funds towards it. 40 of them could cost about 90 bucks.
  • Idea is to print out a lot of free ones in color on normal copy paper.
  • We need sponsers! Any ideas for new ones join the plan channel or talk to hardison.
  • If you want any games outside of leauge to have competitions at plan, speak up! We can try to get ahold of people or allocate funds for prizes.
  • We should list competitions and prizes on our social media and flyers as soon as possible to get the word out.

###Saturday Parkview Event:

  • CS Open house
  • Renix, TheMind, Whiteout, and Stringy are helping with this
  • Talking to students interested in coming in to the CS program. A great time to bring up CCLUB!

###Flickr Account:

  • Flay will find the email ASAP that you can send pictures to add to our flickr account

###Net Neutrality:

  • This would say that people cannot discriminate between source, destination, or content of information going through their site.
  • You should vote on this!
  • Check out the banner on the website for more information

###Boston Key Party:

  • Next weekend!

###P.s Grizzzly’s Beard is short….this is important

##Meeting ends at 6:26pm