15 Feb 2015

##Officer Meeting ###Meeting beings 1400 on 02/15/02015

  • Present: renix, flay, demerost, hardison, piggy, mobyte, sphinx, cokezero, kell, stringy, giggles, typo
  • minutes by: cokezero


  • on every semester change
    • summer included
  • Future plans
    • Hopes and dreams
  • Recruitment stats
  • Outreach
  • Events
  • Tangible completed items
  • Class workshop
    • ie 2230
    • hw help
    • tutoring
  • New equimpent in the club
    • not just bottles full of bub
  • Usage stats
    • Charts
    • Graphs
    • Pivot tables
  • Job placement
  • Growth
  • Bots and skills members have aquired
  • RSO hosting and things we have done for the uni
  • Affiliates
    • RSO’s
    • GIC
    • Rasp Pi Club
    • BTN
  • donations from alums and outsides
    • Tech Care Tron Lab (server rack)
  • CTF events
  • Format
    • Geekgroup has something we can look at
    • Create some form of a template so it can be easily reused and not neglected
    • LaTeX MaYbE
    • Quark?
  • Recipents
    • members
    • faculty
    • Scott Conan in advising
  • Create a reply address or something similar to that for feedback on the newsletter

###Events and Misc Topics

  • CS open house
    • Renix reppin’
    • Flay also helping

###New Pictures

  • Taking pictures of future events

###Start having monthly talk nights

  • Chem building
  • Multiple people can give talks
  • advertise a month ahead

###Business Cards

  • Winston made some business cards!
    • We can give them to new people at RSO accounts

###Google Analytics

  • Need to look into the google analytics on Can You Hack it
  • sphinx will do
    • 60% russian
    • 24% german
    • is not currently running but it will be


  • Put talks online somewhere
    • youtube channel we can link to on the site
    • sink (member) has a recorded a few talks

###Bounty board

  • demorest is creating a crypto currency maybe we can look into that eventually
    • he’s going to look into it immediatly as a payment for bounty reward
      • demerost says we’ll probably need a box for it
      • cclub account would mine only
  • Swipe access as a reward
  • Bounty bucks eventually
  • use the money to buy something specific for club that you think we need
    • easy tasks to include newer members so they can be involved
  • bot feature to track bounties
  • bounties public on the site
  • bounty completed list public on the site

###Website picture update

  • slideshow would be preferable
  • we should take a new group shot with as many members as possible
    • schedule it out so people can show up


  • zug suggests we host an online class
    • similar to https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-linux-linuxfoundationx-lfs101x-2

###New shirts

  • with our official logo and name
    • Official Generic Shirt that’s uniform
    • Would be great for events such as the public school event
    • threadless is an option
      • we make less profit
    • perhaps for after a large order
  • Need multiple people on the logo
    • Renix will help, need more people
  • wrist bands
    • we could 3d print them!
  • ram / microchip key chains
    • someone donate crap ram or find on CL etc


  • set up alternative payment methods
    • demerost suggests amazon
    • sphinx suggests simple bank

###Open Badges

  • open badges for acheivements
    • mozilla open badge progess
    • earn a badge for a particular track
    • some of these are things that employeers will actually recoginze


  • flay suggests renix work with individuals to find what talks to actually give
    • typo: lol photoshopin’
    • cokezero: how2irc
    • otho: smart comp sci stuff

###flay needs to talk to nick to add a footer with hosted rso (btn) to add a “hosted by ccowmu!”

###IRC ops policy

  • We can’t have people kicking when they are mad is what it boils down to
  • we need to be nicer
  • dont be a jerk


  • What needs to be done
  • hand out small tasks to officers
  • hardison can allocate larger things to help out to voulenteer
  • create a doc for this to list tasks
  • network architecture
    • 2 or 3 routers to make smaller networks for people without bronco net ids
  • need to run more events at the same time

###CTF Misc

  • security isos
    • flay has them made
  • super great for ctf stuff

###Password Mgmt

  • we need to look into a new password management system
  • stringy mentions “pass”
    • encrypted password files for accounts etc

###CS Credits

  • Carr and Trenary are mentioning a CS credit for 3 semesters
    • it winds up being scholarship credit money ($500 per semester)
  • how could we do this, 3 credits at a time or one?
  • how many officers can we have? (at least 3 would be great)
  • decide on appliciable roles (pres, vice, etc)
  • make written policy on how to document applicable achievements
  • have officers write up things that they have done making them “worthy”
    • include trenary in decision process
  • should do this every semester


  • tedX booth - 6/11
  • paid event
  • we have a booth at the main event
    • showcase some tech stuff
      • occulus rift, lockpicking, 3d printing
  • satellite on Ted Talks
  • free entry if we participate
  • might be in kalamazoo civic or kalamazoo institute of arts
  • we need to give power requirements
  • AJ might bring his rift2
  • the talk schedule isnt finalized, so we can suggest someone for a talk
  • are we allowed to sell things?
  • create a mailing list and sign up for cclub interest
    • we can raffle off a new shirt or 2 for people that have signed up
  • perhaps sell msp430
  • some type of 3d printed keychain

###CClub Conf

  • we should ask WSA for funding and host a CClub Conference
  • cclubers give talks

###Website Misc

  • would be cool if we could public the open or closed status of the door on the site
    • We’re open come visit!
  • add a donate feature to the site
    • paypal or additional things

###Room Sign

  • sign that’s going above our room
    • “Computer Club”
    • “RSO Office and Hackerspace”