05 Mar 2015

Meeting 2015-3-5 Minutes by cpg

Head Count



  • Mailchimp (zachzor)
  • Apple (hush)
  • EUP IT (cpg)
  • CAS IT (giggles)


  • In progress, mockup sent
  • “Computer Club / Hackerspace and RSO Office”
  • Mockup sometime in the next week

New Shelving

  • Either getting another shelf or stacking existing shelves

Spring Break

  • A lot of people will be staying around during spring break
  • Room should be open all of the time

Pot Luck

  • Anyone want to have a pot luck at their house?
  • Could also grill out
  • Possible meetup at flay’s house in the future

Mail Spam Assassin

  • Spam Assassin has been setup by alex and stringy
  • Reminder that everyone has yakko mail!
  • Fixed by not allowing IPv6 traffic


  • After PLAN (Mar 27-29)
  • Time to start nominating people for officer positions
  • We plan on implementing an IRC voting system
  • New members are highly encouraged to aim for positions
  • The main officers can create other officer positions
    • Feel free to approach officers if you feel that a position needs to be created
  • Current members in good standing are eligible

Next CTF

  • Codegate CTF
  • March 14th 2015
  • Rating weight: every CTF has a weight that factors into our overall CTF standing (e.g. DEFCON’s is 100)
  • This CTF has a rating weight of ~70
  • Open to middle schools and high schools, therefore it may have easier questions
  • We placed in the top 16.5% last time


  • Decided on tournaments
  • Talking to Fanfare about a possible magic tournament
  • Registration for tournaments is live
  • Join the #plan channel
  • If you are interested in helping out, come to PLAN meetings and join #plan
  • Meeting this Sunday at 1 PM
  • firefly is working on the PLAN flyer
  • Talking to local businesses about sponsorships. If you know of a business that can sponsor us, talk to Hardison
    • Fanfare
    • Odyssey
    • S2


  • Friday, March 6th at 5 PM
  • flay will be in at 4 PM
  • Agile workflow
    • Experience in Agile or Scrum is a common job qualification
    • We will implement JIRA
  • 7 interested in next Hackathon

Next Project

  • Other RSOs and groups on campus do not have an efficient communication system
  • We would like to provide a communication service for other groups/RSOs at WMU
  • Either IRC, or XMPP, or something like of that nature
  • Google Apps services is a possible alternative
  • Needs to be scalable
  • More details will be solidified at the Hackathon on Friday
  • firefly: we can communicate with the Graphic Design program

Final Remarks

CTF Writeups

  • stringy broke problems on the last CTF
    • Hacking the hackathons
  • We need to bring back CTF write-ups

Planet Yakko

Planet Yakko

  • Member blogs can be added to the website
  • Talk to mobyte if you want help setting up Github Pages