19 Mar 2015

Meeting Minutes for March 19th, 2015

Notes by cpg and cokezero

Head Count


WMU Student Association

  • Connor Smith and Thye Fischman are running for President and Vice President.
  • WSA is in charge of allocating funds to student organizations.
  • $450,000 is allocated to student organizations.
  • Their platform
    • Their Website
    • Gender neutral and inclusive facilities on campus
    • Suggestion boxes called the MANE Idea for increased student feedback.
  • There will be a proposal to increase the Student Assessment Fee by $16, making it $50 on the upcoming ballot.
    • This $16 would go into student organizations and events.
  • The Student Assessment Fee gets split into WSA, WSA Allocations, CAB, GSA, SCC (Sports Club Counsel), Student Media Group
  • There will be an open position for IT chair in the WSA soon.


  • Saturday, March 28th through Sunday, March 29th
  • PLAN Website
  • If you are interested in helping out with PLAN, come to the PLAN meeting on Sunday, at 1 PM.
  • The form for signing up for PLAN allows you to enter your the MAC addresses for your device(s) in order to register on WMU’s network.
  • Please make sure your device(s) is/are registered before arriving at PLAN.
  • Tournament directors are strongly encouraged to attend this Sunday’s PLAN meeting
  • Firefly can help with ticket sales and concession, but we would like more.
  • Talk to Hardison with any other questions if you cannot attend the PLAN meeting
  • Firefly has given us 11x17 and 8.5x11 prints of the PLAN poster.
  • If you would like to use some of your color prints at WMU for the PLAN poster, you can print the poster at http://j.mp/1B2e7no
  • D-109 and D-115 are available after 9 PM on Friday, before PLAN, for setting up the event.

Emily Demorest

  • Emily Demorest works in the Maple Street Magnet School
  • She is helping start a LEGO robotics club for the after-school program.
  • Between April and the end of May, there will be an opportunity for helping 4-6 kids learn programming and robotics skills hands-on.
  • Proposed time: Tuesdays between 4 and 5 PM
  • Let Emily know as soon as possible if you are interested in volunteering.
  • Contact Emily at emilydemorest@gmail.com or get the application from Demorest.
  • Have a plan ready for these events if you are helping.
  • The school is about a mile from campus.


  • alex is sending a week’s worth of Soylent for us to try.
  • Soylent is a meal replacement intended to provide enough nutrients for a day.


  • If you have any motherboards or other hardware lying around, please consider donating to Computer Club.
  • Misclik has donated a nice analog oscilliscope.


  • Arrive Friday, March 20th for another hackathon.

Nausicaa’s Room

  • Talk to nausicaa on IRC if you are interested in subleasing in a townhome.

WSA Endorsement

  • We need to decide whether to endorse a candidate for WSA.
  • We could benefit if the candidates can work for allocating more into resources for RSOs.
  • We will be researching other candidates as well as Connor and Thye.
  • We can vote on these decisions in #geekboy.
  • Voting for these candidates ends on March 27th.