16 Apr 2015

Meeting Minutes for April 16th, 2015

Minutes by cpg

Head Count: 24

Graphics by Kami

  • Kami has designed some nice graphics for us to use on shirts, business cards, etc.
    • Shirts
    • Hoodies
    • Business Cards
    • Stickers
  • The designs aren’t finalized yet, but have been generally well received.
  • Our next move is to create some kind of merchandise section for the website.
  • Join #officers on IRC to discuss graphics further.
  • If you have existing graphics that Computer Club has used in the past, please send them to cokezero (cokezero@yakko.cs.wmich.edu).
  • Note that we are required to call ourselves “Computer Club AT Western Michigan University.”

Middle School Robotics

  • Thanks to sphinx, cchao, and camtar for helping out with the Middle School Robotics program!
  • Talk to demorest or email Emily Demorest (emilydemorest@gmail.com) if you are still interested in helping out with this.
  • This is an after-school event that involves teaching kids to build things out of Little Bits as well as program.


  • Plaid CTF starts tomorrow (Friday, April 17th) at 5 PM and runs at 48 hours.
  • This is one of the highest rated CTFs that we participate in, so join us!
  • Join #ctf on IRC for more information.

Yakko Backup

  • Dan Dyla has suggested backing up yakko to Amazon Glacier.
  • This is $6 per full 600GB backup, and about $65 for retrieval.
  • Out of Yakko’s full capacity, 652 GB is currently being used.
  • Currently we do not have a backup system, so please keep your own backups of anything you keep on yakko.


  • Computer club will soon start sending out professional looking newsletters.
  • Newsletters can possibly contain articles written by Computer Club members.


  • Thanks to giggles for setting up the server ben donated as a VM host (“cflock”).
  • It could definitely use RAM, though.

Old Servers

  • We’re selling our old servers that are sitting around in the room.
    • $7-8 per server. Come by the room to pick one up.


  • To cpg for getting hired with the WSA
  • And to brandon(stryxpon) for getting hired at UofM