09 Apr 2015

Minutes 2015-04-09

Minutes by cpg and cokezero

Head Count: 36


  • President: stringy
  • Executive Vice President: sphinx
  • Secretary: cpg
  • Treasurer: buttercup
  • Webmaster: TheMind
  • Sysadmin: stringy
  • Vice President of Finance: grizzzly
  • Vice President of Operations: Hardison
  • Vice President of Public Relations: kell
  • Graphic Designer: kami
  • Vice President of Audio and Video: sink

Robot Wars

  • Robot wars is put on by the Raspberry Pi club.
  • More information will be posted in our Facebook group.


  • Adding somewhat of a web store to our website.
  • We would like to make more merchandise such as stickers.
  • We will also have current inventory stock listed.

Noise Complaints

  • Make sure we are keeping the volume down in the room when there are a lot of us in here. We have received noise complaints from the surrounding classrooms lately.
  • Remember that this room is always at risk of being taken over, since it is not protected by the CS department. Please keep this in mind.