30 Apr 2015

Minutes for 2015-04-30

  • Head Count: 17
  • Start Time: 18:20
  • End Time: 18:42
  • Minutes by cpg.

Dr. Trenary

  • Thanks to flay for a great year! We’ve come pretty far from room 2244, and we have flay to thank for leading us.


  • Link
  • Friday, May 1 at 11 AM
  • This CTF has a rating weight of 20, meaning it may be easier and more approachable.
  • Companies hire penetration testers regularly, and CTFs are great practice.


  • Job listings are found on our wiki.
  • OIT, the CAE center, and a company called SpareFoot are hiring, plus more! Check the page out.

Hackathons, CTFs, and Workshops

  • These will be grouped under an event called a Geekout, which could be a CTF, a hackathon, or a workshop.
  • Look at the wiki page for our ideas.


  • Demorest is still making progress!

Tutoring Hours

  • We would like to start holding tutoring hours lead by members that can tutor in computer-related subjects.
  • C208 has been used as a tutoring center, but it will not be available from the CS department anymore. This is a perfect opportunity for us to take that over.
  • If you will have available time for this next semester, please talk to cpg, Hardison, or flay.

Alumni Dinner

  • An alumni dinner is a possibility in the future.
  • If you are interested in planning this, or Geekouts, or PLAN, talk to Hardison.

Parkview Passport

  • Usually the week before classes start.
  • This is an important recruiting event for Computer Club.
  • We will need to demonstrate the things that make us the most unique and engage people.
  • Please consider helping!