07 May 2015

Meeting Minutes 2015-May-7

  • Head Count: 7
  • Minutes by cpg

Summer Projects

There are some projects we can work on on the weekends, or during summer meetings.

  • Hanging curtains or blinds
  • Cleaning up the room
  • Hanging the projector screen
  • POS system for keeping track of concession sales and tabs.
  • Short promotional video for Computer Club
  • Newsletter design
  • Stickers and other merchandise

Meeting Structure

  • This coming year we could restructure our meetings to include more people talking.
  • One suggestion is “positional reports,” a space for each officer to talk about what they’ve been doing and what they need.

Middle School Robotics

  • Can we make a simple CTF to hand to middle schoolers?
  • There is a room at the Kalamazoo Public Library that we could try to use.