14 May 2015

Meeting 2015-05-14

DEFCON Qualifiers CTF

  • Begins Friday, May 15th at 8 PM
  • This is the qualifier for DEFCON in August.
  • Join #ctf for more information


  • Thanks to themind, we can see who’s in the room at any time.
  • Register your MAC address with $office -r followed by your MAC address.
  • See who is in the room with $office!

CAS Student Job

  • The College of Arts and Sciences is hiring a student employee soon.
  • Check BroncoJobs to upload your resume
  • Talk to giggles for more information.

Computer Club CTF

  • Hardison is going to begin development for a CTF.
  • We will develop problems through hackathons.
  • Go to the ccawctf page on the wiki for more information.


  • Join #plan to discuss planning PLAN and PLAN meetings. Hardison will need help in the next few weeks.

IT Talk

  • giggles is planning a talk about the Information Technology industry.
  • http://j.mp/1QKyCzv