29 Oct 2015

Weekly Meeting Minutes, October 29th, 2015

  • Minutes by cpg


  • PLAN is coming up next weekend, November 7th and 8th.
  • If you are a tournament director or are otherwise interested in PLAN, please attend the PLAN meeting on Wednesday, Nov 4th, at 6:30 PM.


  • Tomorrow, October 30th, we will be meeting in the Computer Club room to begin working on our first hackathon project, an in-house CTF. Ask Hardison questions.

CTF Course

  • We are choosing a time on Fridays for the CTF course. Discuss with sphinx on IRC.
  • For those who aren’t aware, this will be a 1-credit course in the Computer Science department. The course will involve participating in Capture the Flag cyber-security competitions as Computer Club normally does.


  • We’re on the lookout for sources of talks on topics Computer Club members are interested in! If you or someone you know can present on a computer science topic, please don’t hesitate to bring them in. Here are some ideas for inspiration:
    • Git
    • New programming languages such as Rust
    • Machine Learning
    • Cryptocurrency
  • Talk to cpg on IRC if you would like to move forward with a presentation idea.

Job Openings

  • There is an opening in the CAE center for a sysadmin. Talk to stringy for more information.
  • Zoetis is looking for an employee with knowledge of audio and video. Talk to Demorest on IRC for details.

Room Cleaning

  • The floor of the room will be cleaned and buffed Sunday, November 22nd at 11 PM.
  • If you would like to help with moving furniture out of the room, come by in the afternoon on that day.

Room Electricity

  • The room has been outfitted with ceiling power outlets with retractable cabling!