19 Nov 2015

Weekly Meeting Minutes, November 19th, 2015

  • Minutes by cpg
  • Head Count: 26

Room Cleaning

  • This Sunday night, at 10 PM, the floors in our office will be cleaned.
  • Please meet us in the Computer Club office to help move furniture at 2 PM if you are available.

Key Box

  • We are allowed to keep a key box on the door of the office. A room key would be kept in a box on the door, unlockable with a code.
  • We will be purchasing one for our door.

CTF Course

  • If you would like to sign up for the CTF-driven course available next semester, talk to sphinx for more information about its progress.


  • There will be no meeting next week (November 26th) due to Thanksgiving. Have a good holiday!
  • The building will be open on the other days of Thanksgiving break, so there is a possibility of room access if you are interested. If you are, talk to an officer.


  • The in-house CTF hackathon will continue in the Computer Club office at 6 PM on Friday, December 3rd.


  • kami will be posting three designs for T-Shirts in a channel called #tshirts tomorrow night. Join before then if you would like to see the link.
  • There will be a general Computer Club design, and a CTF-themed design, to start with.
  • Message kami if you have any questions or comments on the design.

Academic Computing Society

  • The Academic Computing Society will embarking on a cluster computing project.
  • This project group will be meeting at 6 PM on Tuesdays in room B-115 in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.
  • If you are interested, join the Slack group at http://wmu-acs.slack.com. Anyone with an email address from wmich.edu or yakko.cs.wmich.edu can join.