12 Nov 2015

Weekly Meeting Minutes, November 12th, 2015

  • Minutes by cpg
  • Head Count: 23


  • Fall PLAN 2015 was a record-breaking success, thanks to Hardison and all those who helped out.
  • There will be a post-PLAN meeting soon to discuss how this PLAN went, and how to improve future PLAN’s.


  • We will be meeting tomorrow, November 13th, at 5:00 PM to continue work on our current hackathon project: our own in-house CTF.


  • The next major CTF coming up will be Ghost in the Shellcode, on January 8th, 2016. Keep up at ghostintheshellcode.com.
  • The 9447 CTF will be starting at 6 PM on Friday, November 27th. link

3D Printer

  • kyledad7 has offered to take the 3D printer home for approximately one week in order to rebuild it.
  • It was agreed upon by those present that kyledad7 will be allowed to temporarily take the 3D printer for repairs.

Wish List

  • Our alumni have offered to buy us things if we put together a Christmas list. Talk to one of our officers if you would like to add anything to the list!

Academic Computing Society

  • The Academic Computing Society is currently meeting at 7 PM, in D-201 of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.
  • This RSO is oriented toward computer and data science projects. Join the Facebook group for more information.

Information Security Talk

  • Our very own whitehat will be doing a talk on November 17th at 7 PM, in room 1220 of the Chemistry Building.