14 Jan 2016

Weekly Meeting Minutes, January 14th, 2016

  • Minutes by cpg
  • Head Count: 32


  • Computer Club T-shirts are in the design process!

Spring PLAN 2016

  • Within the next week, we will be making a decision on the spring PLAN date.
  • Join the #plan channel to help with the planning of PLAN.

Officer Elections

  • Officer nominations and elections will be taking place sometime soon, so think about who you would like to nominate and discuss any opinions on the election process on IRC.

Magic: The Gathering Tournament

  • There will be a Magic: The Gathering tournament at Fanfare this weekend.
  • Many Computer Club members will be interested in participating, so join #mtg on IRC and/or talk to sloan to discuss the details.

Strength in Numbers

  • Strength in Numbers is a new game development company from Lansing, working on a game in closed alpha.
  • Visit http://tueborgame.com/ for more information.

CTF Course

  • The new CTF course will take place in the Computer Club office at 2 PM tomorrow, and on subsequent Fridays.