14 Apr 2016

Weekly Meeting Minutes, April 14th, 2016

  • Minutes by cpg
  • Head Count: 31


  • There are Computer Club t-shirts available on Redbubble with the crow design.
  • sloan and kami will be helping to make the new t-shirts available over the summer.

Google IO Extended

  • Google IO Extended Grand Rapids will take place on May 18th from 8 AM to 10 PM in the Harris Building.
  • Talk to sloan or visit the website if you would like more information.


  • Angular Attack is an upcoming online AngularJS hackathon. We would like to get a Computer Club team together, so if you are interested, talk to pasportit or themind. This takes place May 14-15th.
  • If you would like to learn more about AngularJS, themind will be holding learning sessions on the following dates:
    • Saturday, April 30th
    • Wednesday, May 4th
    • Saturday, May 7th

Secure Software and CTF Courses

  • If you are interested in signing up for the secure software and CTF courses (CS 5950) offered this fall, talk to sphinx.

Post-PLAN Meeting

  • The first PLAN meeting after PLAN XXIV took place on April 13th at 6 PM. Minutes are available here.
  • The tentative date for PLAN XXV this fall is November 5th. If you come across any possible scheduling conflicts let cpg know as soon as possible.