15 Sep 2016

September 15th, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by mobyte in emacs

33 people in attendance, including: nospace, sphinx, strongth, mobyte, buttercup, hypnotoad, tank21, mind

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall


  • There is a Programming contest called ICPC on September 24, 12:00-5:00pm.
    • A team is ran by cpg, ask him for more information.
    • Check the #ICPC channel on IRC if you’d like to learn more.
  • Auto-Owners IT Internship Opportunity.
    • A representative may come to club to offer internships.
    • This will happen on October 10th, RSVP for October 14th.
  • nospace is planning the First Showcase Saturday for the semester.
    • It is going to be an obstacle course of about 20 problems.
    • This should be a good way to learn Java or to get help in Java Computer Science classes.


  • One of the first big CTFs of the semester is going to be CSAW CTF this Friday (9/16) at 6:00 PM.
  • The CTF class ran by sphinx at 2 PM will give a good introduction to CTFs for anyone that wants to know more before CSAW starts.
  • CSAW CTF is a great CTF for beginners and can be a perfect opportunity to learn more about CTFs.
  • For people that don’t know much about them, a CTF involves finding a digital flag inside a file or using exploits to find a hidden code.
    • This can be a great opportunity to learn more about software and security.
  • There will be pizza, so come by and work on some problems and enjoy some pizza!


  • We discussed the potential days to hold PLAN meetings, and we have decided that PLAN meetings will be on Wednesdays at 6:30pm.
  • At the next PLAN meeting, they will be deciding the tournaments. If you want to give input on the organization and planning for PLAN, make sure to come by.

Oculus Rift

  • It was offered to buy a program for the Oculus Rift to play more games called Vorpx.
  • This program could give more access to more games to play.
  • However, after doing research, we have decided to not invest the $40.

Officer Positions

  • When cpg stepped down, we needed someone to replace him as VP of OPs.
  • It has been decided in the past couple weeks that kessler and sloan would take his place as organizers of PLAN.
    • With two people they may be able to share the weight.
    • We decided during the meeting to let sloan and kessler be Co-VPs of OPs.
    • sloan has been focusing on organizing and kessler has been scoping out potential businesses for sponsorship.
  • Additionally, twitch will be made the webmaster, as he has been working on the PLAN site lately.

Websites for RSOs

  • nospace went to an RSO meeting today and he learned valuable information about other RSOs.
  • Many RSOs need new websites and need help from us to get more updated websites.
  • We are considering ways that Computer Club can create websites in exchange for payments.
    • Part of the money will go to Computer Club and the rest will go to the person or people that created the website.
  • To learn more about this, join the #rsosites on IRC.

Video and Audio

  • We would like to have video and audio equipment for talks and other purposes.
  • We have received an offer from skuld and have considered asking sink for information about what equipment we should get.
  • Next week are planning to talk about possible budgets for the kinds of equipment we want to get.


  • nospace wants to start up bi-weekly talks, with nospace starting on September 29th.
  • We have offers from nospace, mobyte, skuld, demorest, and stringy to create talks.
  • We are also considering having practice talks for anyone that has not given a talk before.
  • nospace will create a sign-up form for people that want to give their own talks, so make sure to ask nospace if you’d like to give a talk.
  • Before starting, it is suggested to get feedback from nospace to make sure the talk is presentable.

GIC Server

  • Since GIC is gone, we may be able to use their old server (jazz).
  • We will have to create a proposal or official document to give to Dr. Carr that will give us access to the server.
  • There will be more discussion about this in the next couple weeks. To learn more about how we will get the server and how we will use it, check the #officers channel on IRC.

Website Design Offer

  • Someone named Andrew came by to offer an opportunity to create a website using the Steam API for $800.
  • It is related to Team Fortress 2 and will use JavaScript and other things related to Web Design.
  • To learn more about this, email tf2tradingcompany@gmail.com.


  • strongth is still looking for sign-ups to show our interest in an IBM workshop.
  • If it becomes approved, IBM will send someone out and provide some materials for a 2-4 hour workshop.
  • We will need about 40 sign-ups and we currently have 20.
  • Let strongth know if you are interested and if you want to sign up.