12 Jan 2017

January 12th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by mobyte in emacs

30 people in attendance, including: strongth, zurek, caes, rush, stringy, ohaimark, kami, mobyte, epikmemekid1998, nospace

6:05 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

Spring 2017 Semester

  • We welcome everyone to the new semester!
  • Hopefully everyone had a great Winter Break and we are looking forward to everything that will be happening this semester.


  • IRC will soon be password protected in order to limit spam or unauthorized IRC usage.
    • This will eventually take effect, but not immediately in order to allow people to become aware of this change and to update their IRC bots.
    • It may be about 10 days until we are moved over to this new IRC server.


  • The President and Vice President of Computer Club will now earn $500 each semester toward their tuition.
  • This has gone into effect last semester and it will be used for the foreseeable future.
  • Thanks to flay, sphinx, and Dr. Carr.

Email Server

  • drc needs funding for our email server.
  • If you can help, please let him know on IRC.
  • Digital Ocean VPS can be used to refer towards our email system.


  • Volunteers:
    • nospace, kami, zurek, ohaimark, strongth, kell, stringy, mobyte.
  • The current tentative date for PLAN is April 8th.
  • The first PLAN meeting will be this Friday at 5 PM in order to start organizing what we need to do.

CTF Class

  • nospace is now the professor of the CTF class for this semester.
  • The time is currently listed at 2 PM on the WMU class directory but the time is going to be moved to 3 PM.
  • The first class will be this Friday in the Computer Club office.
  • It is a one credit hour class. If you take the CTF class 3 times, it counts as a CS Elective.
  • You can still sign up until this Friday, but you must send an email to nospace or sphinx as soon as possible.

Python Workshop

  • Some professors have asked the Computer Club to help with a python workshop for kids.
  • This could also help us teach about CTFs.
  • This would take place during March, so more details will come in the next couple of weeks.

Lifetime Membership

  • cokezero has been given lifetime membership for Computer Club because of his contributions to this club.
  • Thanks for all your help, cokezero!

Richard Stallman Talk

  • Richard Stallman is having a talk on January 30th at 7 PM at Kalamazoo College in Room 103 of the Olds-Upton building.
  • caes has offered parking at his house if there is not enough space in the Kalamazoo College parking lot.
  • To find out more about this event, go here: https://www.fsf.org/events/rms-20170130-kalamazoo.

Oculus Touch Controller

  • We are going to purchase the Oculus Touch controller since we have enough funds for it.
  • This will cost the Computer Club $200.
  • An alumni has given us $500 that could possibly go towards it.
  • This can be helpful for our publicity because it will draw attention from people at events, such as Parkview Passport.
  • To find out more information about the controller, check it out here: http://a.co/1PfFojk.

Meeting ends at 6:21 PM