09 May 2017

May 9th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by cookie in vim

5 people in attendance including: cookie, karhl, tank, leech, Dr. trenary

3:00 PM, On a Tuesday, C224 (Parkview)

The General State of yakko and Surronding Affairs

  • Investigation has been closed(As far as Dr. Trenary knows)

  • Jason Johnson has a sudo account to access yakko. He has said he would like to do some type of periodic checkin in at his leisure

  • There has been no formal agreement made as far as when the server can be accessed.

  • Relying soley on IRC is not a viable option for the future.

    Club’s Stance on Allowing Access by the CS Department

  • The computer deparment will have total access to club’s server log files

  • The club would like a schedule of periodic checkins or at least some notice of before the check in with the server.

  • Jason has already conceded that after he accesses the server he will give us a log of what he did.

  • The log would be posted publicly for all memebers to see.

  • We would prefer access to the server to be physical instead of allowin grandom ssh access to the server.

  • Any agreement should have at least some sort of email trail for our record.

The Future of Servers and Accessibility

  • Yakko will become soley a production server.

  • Jazz will be available for member use(via OpenStack)

  • ssh from yakko and jazz to WMU will be cut off.(Possible exoanded to the TCP protocol)

Member Access to Features

  • VMs will be limited to 1 x (1gb ram and 1 core) per member and available upon their own request.(Some sort of web interface should be used that allows member to create there own VMs )

  • Many ISOs will be available(Archlinux, Debian, Ubuntu, Manjaro, etc..)

  • Memeber’s home directories will be limited in space to 25GB as Default

  • ALL directories outside of /home/ will be open to auditing(By use of auditd)

General Comments about The Servers and Other issues

  • OpenStack will allow vps through jazz.

  • There will be NO torrent client on the server.

  • We can run a scrit that will allow us to scan for copyrighted information by extenstion type or file size(e.g. .mp3).

  • Auditd will allow us to view the circumstances during which certain commands where used(e.g. ssh, yes)

  • Preventing copyrighted materials from being on the server is the most sensitive issue for Dr. Carr

  • If multiple chats are being used for club purposes they need to have access to one another to prevent “Dark Corners” of activity.

  • No decision on what chat should be used has been reached.

  • Any who thinks that yakko is secure needs to know that the cs deparment can gain root access at anytime to yakko.

  • Any advanced paid membership can be refunded if requested.