07 Sep 2017

September 7th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by cookie in vim

24 people in attendance, including: sphinx, tank21, rush, cookie, zurek, dolphin, yillivs, ohaimark, goku, kessler, leech, smitty

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

CClub servers

  • Hellbacon has been working hard to get our servers up and running this summer
  • We currently have two physical machines jazz and yakko
  • Yakko is our production server
  • Jazz is our server available for VMs and other server related projects
  • Talk to hellbacon if you need assistance accessing either server

CClub chat server

  • We are currently hosting a Matrix for our chat server
  • Many different portals of access for new members Link to web portal
  • Talk to kahrl, tank, and zurek for help signing up with chat


  • We got a new couch this summer(still need to get couch covers)
  • We also got tons of new throw pillow

Bronco Bash

  • Bronco bash tomorrow
  • We will need help setting up the booth 1-2:30
  • Location: Booth 134(Right outside of Sangren)

Web master

  • We still need to appoint a club Web Master
  • This person would handle our websites and our wiki pages

Funding from RSO

  • The Rso office is seeking requests for funding clubs on campus
  • They are offering $1000- 3000 to send people to professional events/ Projects that benefit you and the club/university
  • Let kahrl know if you have any ideas for thing we use this funding for
  • September 16th is early registration for funding
  • October 15th is the last day for registration
  • Possible funds could be used for a server replacement for wakko(formerly yakko)

Dr. Kaminski OSTEM and Other Emails

  • Dr. Kaminski and others have sent out some emails check your emails if you have not
  • OSTEM information is in you email search(Kaminski)
  • Engineering expo is coming up at the end of this month

PLAN Fall 2017

  • PLAN our semi annual gaming tournament is coming up
  • Companies are looking to donate to us prize(s) under $50 (something other than cash)

Building Manager notes

  • Kahrl visited the building manager(Darcy). She has appreciated how well we have been taking care of the room and the building.
  • She would like to request that after 10 on Fridays take all food waste out to the dumpster(located outside lower doors)


  • CTF (class located time) that attempts a series of international competitions in computer security
  • There are lots of different types of CTF’s : Forensic , crypto, exploit, recon
  • The Class is one credit and meets from 2:00- 2:50 on Fridays.
  • If class is taken three time it counts for a 3 credit upper level CS elective
  • Spots still available
  • Lots of unused server in the server rack. We should see if we can add our new servers and replace the old ones

Bronco Feed

  • Bronco feed available for the RSO society
  • We buy caramel corn from them and resell it at a higher rate
  • Ask sphinx if you are interested in the idea

Voted on a new chrome cast Approved

  • We need a new chromecast.
  • This either involves using typos old chrome cast and upgrading the rotor or just getting a new chromecast

Advising Change

  • Katie Fox is moving over to the honors college. See her soon if you want to see her before the switch

New Attendees(11)

  • Gabe cs major Fresman
  • jose sophmore CE
  • Bill law major trenarys son
  • Alex junior cs
  • Reagan solar kart team
  • Jake cs major freshman
  • Corey cs major freshman
  • Brian Cs major windows sever
  • Xander junior game engineers
  • Steven man page guy
  • Chad aerospace engineers