14 Sep 2017

September 14th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by cookie in vim

22 people in attendance: cookie, Sgt, kahrl, dolphin, dropshot, tank, zurek, kessler, typo, presto, leech, mind, smitty

1:56 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall


  • Welcome newcomers thank you for coming if you are interested in signing up talk to one of the club officers and there would be happy to help
  • A WMU parking pass is required for the downstairs lot even after 5pm(as oer the new sign)


  • Plan meeting tomorrow at 3pm
  • PLAN is our semi-annual LAN party at the engineering college
  • Opportunity for people to have fun, win prizes, and raise funds for CClub
  • Dates: Nov. 11-12

Heritage community project

  • Heritage community in Kalamazoo(assisted living community)
  • They contacted us about creating an Intro to technology course(smart phones, Microsoft office, etc…)
  • There initial thought is a bi-monthly class
  • Contact zurek or Kahrl if you are interested in being part of this project

RSO funding

  • We still need to apply for funding from the RSO Comity
  • Oct 15 is the last day for registering for Funding
  • Funding could be use for any club projects or for facilitating club events/activities
  • kahrl is going to a leadership conference this weekend for RSO to get the ball rolling

Rule for geeks(Riot Chat)

  • As a courtesy to those who use geek in public or at work please do not directly upload image via the upload feature
  • Pictures will currently automatically appear on the screen regardless of content or settings
  • Use links from another source or even a different chat room to allow those who wish to view the photo

Office for sustainability web project

  • Office for sustainability is looking for computer programmers to help with a project
  • The more time remaining a person has remaining at WMU the better for the Office of sustainability
  • Campus sustainability finder is the projects working title
  • More info here [when available]

Fridge and food waste

  • Please do not forget about a food items in the fridge to reduce smell
  • Also to reduce smell food waste should go into the dumpster


  • CSAW is this weekend (a beginner friendly CTF)
  • CTF are computer programming/hacking competitions that will help you better understand the inner working of a computer
  • More info for that CTF located [https://ctf.csaw.io/]
  • If you are interested feel free to sit in on the CTF class at 2pm Friday in Korhman Hall
  • We will be working on the competition on Saturday as well at the club if any one is interested

Represent CClub to CS1 and CS2 clases

  • Kaminski wants a rep to come and introduce the club to new CS students (Dolphin Volunteered)
  • Class meets @ TR 11:30 Room D-109(Parkview)


  • Takes place on September 22-24 at the Northen Campus of U of M
  • Talk to dolphin if you are interested he is trying to get a head count to make travel arrangements
  • MHACKS is free to register for and allows you to work on projects with others that are interested, participate in learning workshops, and there is lots of free food and other bonuses
  • If interested sign up [https://mhacks.org/login]

Equifax Breech

  • For credit card user or NOT
  • Equifax had their security breeched and 40% of Americans were hacked
  • Here is a link to check whether your information has been leaked or to protect your self for the future [https://goo.gl/p71kRQ}