21 Sep 2017

September 21st, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by cookie in vim

7 people in attendance, including: ninthriot, cookie, dolphin, typo, kessler, zurek, leech, homms, presto,

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

RSO Leadership Meeting

  • Sunday evening kahrl went to ceas rso leadership meeting
  • Scot Conant recruiter for the engineering school
  • Get kahrl’s notes

Starting Gate

  • Shortly it is a WMU business incubator
  • Get connect with entrepreneurial mentors and startup investors
  • Works a support system to take student idea/projects and turning them into a viable business
  • Although Fall section application are no longer being accepted, apply by next mech for the spring section
  • Talk to kahrl if interested [https://wmich.edu/startinggate]

Invisible Need ProjectFood drive

  • The Ceas is participating in a food drive to benefit the Invisible Need project
  • Helps students that are not financially stable enough to continue being students on their own
  • The day is Saturday October 21st @ the D&W on Oakland
  • The goal is for CEAS to gather more food than Sindecuse
  • Intersted in volunteering/Donating talk to kahrl

Bronco Feed

  • Bronco feed doesn’t seem to be the best option for a fundraiser
  • As the proceeds do not directly benefit club as other opportunities do
  • If you feel strongly about doing it talk to kahrl

CEAS Funding

  • $30000 is available for funding RSO’s
  • Oct 15 is the dead line to apply
  • We need to figure out what we could use the funding for and what we contribute to the university to earn the funding
  • If you have ideas please talk to Kahrl before October first this give us time to make a worth while application

Six Sigma Greenbelt

  • If you are interested in working in anything other that computer program Mainly manufacturing and management of factory
  • Six sigma greenbelt can be earned through university programs[https://asq.org/cert/six-sigma-green-belt]
  • Get info from kahrl

Public Associate Dean Interviews

  • Search committee in place for an associate dean of CEAS
  • Second half of October public interviews will be held with the students
  • Stay tune for specific dates

Visit from other club in the future

  • In upcoming meeting we will have other clubs that will come in and talk to the computer club about projects they have going on that we might be able to help with
  • Specifically the satellite club (WALI) Their co-president will come an talk about a satellite the are launching
  • They need programmer to help with programming the satelite(Talk to Kahrl or the club if interested)
  • IEEE would like to develop a relationship with us after hearing about or electrical work bench
  • They would like to do a soldiering workshop with us to give people the opportunity to get hands on soldiering experience
  • Free online tutorial of how to make your own printed circuit board[https://contextualelectronics.com/courses/getting-to-blinky/]
  • Also [http://embedded.fm/episodes/2014/1/14/35-all-these-different-reasons-why-you-might-want-to-do-something]


  • Leech is on his way to Cosco tomorrow
  • The tournament times have been decide for PLAN
  • Please go to kahrl if you can volunteer for a slot

MSP430 Kit

  • Sphinx needs people together msp430 2230 kits
  • This weekend or Monday at the latest talk to sphinx if you can help