26 Oct 2017

October 26th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by cookie in vim

13 people in attendance, including: dolphin-phone, zurek, mind, presto, leech, fedele, cookie, dolphin, hellbacon, kessler, kahrl, sgt

1:56 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

Invisible Need Project Success

  • Food drive took place last weekend and it was a huge Success

  • We filled the floor of the Sunseeker trailer with dry goods

  • Thank you to everybody that volunteered

ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest)

PLAN (Parkview LAN Event)

  • PLAN is on November 11th - 12th

  • We are looking for volunteers for many aspects of PLAN including: Game Coordinators, Concessions, and Admissions

  • Meeting will be tentatively set for Friday @ 3pm (confirm with Sgt)

  • PLAN Site

  • P.S. Director of intermural sports talked to kahrl about starting an esports program at Western

  • If this excites you talk to Kahrl he is having a meeting with the Director this week

Server Updates

  • We are currently trying to setup our server infrastructure to be more stable then it was in the past

  • Currently we are running our service on Wakko/Yakko

  • The new system will be set up with a control node and a compute node

  • The compute node will be run on the hardware Jazz/Dot

  • Specs for Jazz/Dot 24 core processor with 32GB of RAM which is very upgradable

  • Jazz/Dot will host our chat service, ssh server, and member accessible

  • The control node will be a server donated by the department

  • We will make use of the Horizon UI to allow members to spin off VM’s at will from Jazz/Dot

  • The VM’s will be compartmentalized as an extra measure of sever security
  • We are currently waiting on OIT to open the ports needed to facilitate all of the server improvements

  • For any questions or concerns talk to hellbacon


  • Reminder to prepare for spring MHACKS so that we can arrange travel and stay(TBD)

  • Matrix is currently seeking donations and if it is a system we would like to use then we should consider donating to them

  • There is a weechat plugin for matrix that resemble the look of irc although round trip information transfer can be slow in some rooms, we are working on a right up for the exact implementation

  • We are also thinking about bridging our matrix server to an irc server to allow member to access that chat in fashion

  • Eboard is also talking about making prevision for keeping in contact with member as they transition from students to alumni